about the project

EU-RUDISNET project is funded by the Erasmus + programme of the EU and coordinated by Provincial Federation of associations of persons with physical and organic disabilities in Seville – COCEMFE Sevilla (Spain). EU-RUDISNET is aimed to create an European network for social inclusion of people with disabilities to promote cooperation and civic partnerships in the rural areas. EU-RUDISNET network is present in 6 countries around The EU: Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey, Slovenia and Spain

the aim

EU-RUDISNET project main purpose is:
Create a strategic methodology aimed to social inclusion of people with disabilities from rural areas through the development and pilot implementation of an innovative training program on mentoring methods, leadership skills and other soft skills.
By the planning and implementation of this innovative and comprehensive training program, persons with disabilities living in rural areas are empowered to participate in their local communities, create and leader associations / organisations which defend rights of disabled people in EU rural areas where they are living.


Visiting Municipality Slovenj Gradec, partner in the RUDISNET network

The Slovenian team has visited the Municipality of Slovenj Gradec.

Online partners meeting

On the 8th of July, the partnership of the project EU-RUDISNET linked up for a meeting.

EU-RUDISNET analyses needs of disabled people in rural areas

Eu-Rudisnet project is organising focus groups to detect the needs of people with disabilities...

our partners