Healthy lifestyle workshop in Slovenj Gradec

In late February, the participants from OZARA d.o.o. have joined an interesting initiative under the patronage of MOCIS and Center za krepitev zdravja Koroška and under the mentorship of Ms Anja Lenart, a graduate dietitian. They participated in a special workshop aimed at preparing healthy and simple meals under the supervision of professional dietician.

The logic of the workshop was based on the assumption that we do not need a lot of time to prepare a healthy and tasty meal. The workshop was comprised of four different participant’s groups (4 – 5 persons), each group attended the workshop once.

During the workshop, participants had to write down the course of work and, of course, the recipe, which they had to present to others who were not part of the group that participated in the workshop. Healthy lifestyle, self-care and self-management are one of the important elements for independent living. The workshop created additional synergies for community supporting environments developing, bringing together three different organizations and learning from each other.