Online partners meeting

On the 8th of July, the partnership of the project EU-RUDISNET linked up for a meeting. Partners from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Slovenia and Lithuania highlighted the key points of the project development, especially the IO1 – EU-RUDISNET training platform for social inclusion of people with disabilities in the EU rural areas through mentoring and leadership curriculum.

“IO1-A1: Qualitative study on needs of PWD from rural areas” is being developed and the final report “Handbook on civic participation, leadership and opportunities for integration of PWD from rural areas” will be ready in late autumn.

When talking about “IO1-A2: Development of virtual community of EU PWD adult educators”, the coordinator of the project (Spain) presented the forms and agreements for associated partners to sign.

“IO1-A3: planning and developing training program on mentoring and leadership for PWD in rural areas” is starting at the end of September and partners are ready to work really hard to achieve the results of this activity.

As BETI is a technical partner, Greta (Lithuania) presented the improvement of the website, which will be finalized very soon.

We are very happy to have such a hardworking partnership!

Follow our progress and get in touch if you’re interested!