Visiting Municipality Slovenj Gradec, partner in the RUDISNET network

In the 2nd week of September 2021, the Slovenian team of Erasmus+ RUDISNET project, has visited the Municipality of Slovenj Gradec, Carinthia region in Slovenia.

Working on from the information and data, studied and checked in the previous months through an already implemented focus group, the Slovenian team has worked closely with participants of the focus group with the main aim to establish a network of interested organisations and set common ground for further project activities.

Within the first networking steps, our team was warmly welcomed at the municipality premises to meet the mayor, mr. Tilen Klugler. Our team has presented the project into more details, emphasizing the importance of networking activities and the support of municipality to strengthen the public-private partnership. Our team has been presented already existing strategies and action plan of the municipality, designed and implemented already for removing different barriers to a full inclusion in PWD in working and social life in general. We received many practical information about concrete activities on the level of municipality to understand better the connection between needs and communication on inclusion topics within municipal activities, dedicated especially to PWD community. It is with great honour that we communicate the great experience and information received in this meeting to gain even more insight in the communication and cooperation protocol and great efforts of municipality already achieved – all have agreed to have regular exchange on needs of all sides (municipality, our organisation and most importantly PWDs living in the region).